How I work

Mindfulness in West London

Practical Solutions

"You cannot solve a problem with the same conciousness that created it"

Albert Einstein

I work with people in a fun, relaxed atmosphere to find solutions to their problems.

My one to one clients are a full hour (as opposed to 50 minutes) as I have found it is often in the last 10 minutes that we find the solution. Some people come for a one off session or perhaps 2 or 3, and some people come on an ongoing basis.

I don't think change needs to be a painful process, gentle change can create major shifts.

My mindfulness courses are an hour a week for 6 weeks. We practice meditation and I explain not only how it works but what all the neuroscientists are talking about. The main focus on the course is the psychology of mindfulness and how and why the mind works the way it does. I discuss stress and anxiety and how we can detatch from our stressful thoughts.

"I had been in therapy for years and eventually gave up because we were going round in circles. In 3 sessions with Shirley I gained more clarity than in 2 years of psychotherapy."     Jason D

Shirley Zerf      07854 138080