Mindfulness in West London

Practical Solutions

I studied Psychotherapy and Counselling at WPF in Kensington and then went on to study the psychology and practicalities of mindfulness and meditation.

I believe mindfulness is the "owners manual" that we need to live a fullfilled life of ease and wellbeing.

Mindfulness has become more popular in the West since the neuroscientific evidence that regular mindfulness and meditation can change the way the brain functions.

I have spent the last twelve years studying how the mind works and working to help people find clarity and solutions.

I work on a one to one basis counselling and coaching people, and I hold mindfulness workshops.

"I had never been to talk to someone about my problems but Shirley is really relaxed and fun to be with and truly does help those who want to help themselves."    Wendy M

Shirley Zerf      07854 138080     shirleyzerf@yahoo.co.uk